Operation principle

Scrap steel load in electric arc furnace, after furnace cover is closed. These cover three electrode arc furnace carries downloaded. Dan creates the electric arc electrodes and the resulting heat melts the scrap. Steel scrap to make pure oxygen in addition to carbon in the oil is blown. Samples were taken for chemical compositions after checking tip arc furnace slag floating on the molten steel is poured.  Just flip the molten steel ladle arc furnace is transferred to the other side.


  • Giving oxygen into the furnace during melting, as a consequence of the combustion of carbon is one of the biggest advantages.
  • Over 50 tons reservations exclude any alternative for melting systems

Product details

ARC furnace, turnkey project has been incorporated into our product range. There are capacity options.

Requests regarding this issue after technical assessment, will imported to our partner companies in China through local or IDEAL ENGINEERING CO group company established in China.

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