Ductile pouring systems are using for mixed and high sensitive parts. This system produce high quality surface pouring parts. Ductile casting eliminates the need of chip manufacture processes.

Wax models mounted on runners which made from wax and formed into bunch. This mum bunch placed into ceramic and dried. After, into ceramic form wax bunch is melting and go away. Before casting ceramic form bake in furnace.

Requests regarding this issue after technical assessment, China will imported to our partner companies in China through local or IDEAL ENGINEERING CO group company established in.


Ductile pouring plant, depending on needed capacity and automatic system, consist of wax injection machine, ceramic bath, robots, metal melting, sandblasting, air conditioning, drying furnace, heating furnace and other equipment’s.

İn these systems you may pouring mixed and sensitive parts like: generally machine parts, car parts, gun industry, aviation, optics and medical products. Ductile pouring plant have variety depends on produce parts, using machine and equipment.


  • Sensitive surface and measure of quality
  • Poring non-iron and non-steel products
  • Pouring mixed parts
  • Pouring micro-parts

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