There are too much factors which affairs casting quality. You must correctly choose casting material and sand. You must  check compliance with the required criteria of sand. Sand testing equipment have great importance at this point.

At the sand test must be considered:

  1. Raw sand grain size (fineness number / AFS no.)
  2. The mixture moisture amount (2-7% based on the shape of the casting varies)
  3. Permeability ( molding sand air permeability )
  4. Totally amount of clay ( dust content )
  5. Active amount of clay
  6. Press resistance
  7. breaking strength
  8. brittleness
  9. compression rate
  10. loss on ignition
  11. shear strength

Product list

- sample tube
- sand separator
- sand cleaner
- Determining grain size sand
- sand dryer
- sand mixer
- sand hammer
- core gas meter
- core hardness meter
- resistance meter
- sand moisture meter
- sand peel test equipment
- moldability measures
- mold hardness meter
- Wet breaking strength

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