Horizontal non-flask molding system is suitable for serial production and small parts molding, capacity was reached to 120 molds in hour. In this model have been used two half-models connected to both plate surface.

Molding: The model is fixed on the machine. The model compressed by two surfaces of the plate which are fixed internal angle of the machine boxes. Model plates come to vertical position.  Sand is pressed into the boxes by the air. Boxes inner surface is compressed by applying pressure. model separated and sand molds automatically merges.  For preventing misalignment to the exterior is placed boxes.


Horizontal non-flask molding systems usually work at same principle and haven’t so much diversity. There are variety of molding speed and mold sizes.

Advantage :

- Molding speed
- Making standard product through controllability system
- According to the system occupies less space
- Does not contain flask and pallet cars cost

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