It is using for melting iron and non-iron metals.

Melting method: When alternating current is applied to the coil of the kiln, completes the circuit to charge to be melted in the crucible. To be melted charge greater with a current is induced to melt the charge of this stream to pass the resistance melting and the heating temperature required for reveals, this heat-melting the metal to be lost resistance and melting begins


  • Provide control convenience
  • High productivity
  • Low level of melting losses
  • Suitable for automatic production
  • High speed of melting
  • Alloys convenience as a result of electromagnetic mixing

Product details

Induction furnaces, turnkey project has been incorporated into our product range. We can offer you induction furnace option about 500 kg up to 30 ton.


Requests regarding this issue after technical assessment, will imported to our partner companies in China through local or IDEAL ENGINEERING CO group company established in China. 

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