Resin sand molding system has large tolerance of parts sizes and weight. İt can make flask molding or non-flask molding. Molding speed is slow about 15 mold in hour, also has no back automatic molding system. This system is ideal for non-serial production and same sizes pouring parts.

 Requests regarding this issue after technical assessment, will imported to our partner companies in China through local or IDEAL ENGINEERING CO group company established in China.


Resin molding method:

Machine is consist of mixer, vibration table, roller line, flask turning and model separator and sand reclamation machines. Machines should be chosen suitable for parts sizes, weight and numbers. Mold sand and resin mixed and pour in mold, this way sand mold will be formed. Because of the characteristics resin sand mold hardens itself.  Molds combine after upper and lower mold are formed and prepare for pouring.


  • Same machines and equipment’s can pouring parts with different sizes and weight
  • About 80-90% sand reclamation
  • Line don’t need sand hardening equipment
  • Make clean pouring part surface
  • Low investment

Easy sand control

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