Hardness gauge can be measured by suppressing  the  material know amount of load is applied with a load of another material. Materials cope plastic deformation resistance is associated with yield strength, such as the relative hardness can be determined by applying a force. The use of hard materials such as diamond indenter as the deformation force is applied only on the material (test specimen) are limited.

Brinell and Vickers in the methods is measuring hardness, the trail is measured by the size of the penetration depth is measured by the Rockwell method.

Operation Principe

This method of measuring the hardness of the material to get rid of the bad effects of macro geometric conditions and depth adjustment of the zero point measurement is made to boot.

  • The specimen thickness must be at least 10 times the penetration depth
  • Methods of the rule; on the measurement of hardness tester can be read directly in time.
  • HRB method is applying for soft steels, copper alloys and aluminum alloys.
  • HRC method is applying for hardness steel, hardness cast iron. Applies to materials which are harder than 100 HRB.

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