İn the casting industry shot blasting machine is using for cleaning parts surface by abrasives (ball) material which spraying at the high pressure. Part on the oil, rust, dirt, like paint unwanted residues is made with this method to decontaminate. The abrasive material is chosen according to the work to be done, steel balls, grit, glass beads, aluminum oxide beads, garnet, grit types, plastic granules, ceramic beads, rounded cutting wire and so on may. In iron-steel industry usually are using steel abrasive material.

Shot blasting machine are usually using in the casting, hammer and press production, rail treatment, cars, aviation, mineral, train way, marine, wind energy industries.

Shot blasting machines installed in the machining shape and are classified according to their position in the process.

Product list

-Table Shot Blasting Machine: Part s to be cleaned are placed on a rotary table. Part with shapes that cannot be hung on the hooks and parts have to be cleaned only one side can be cleaned in this machine.

- Tumbling Shot Blasting Machine: These shot blasting machines perform cleaning by the tumbling the parts. Due to shape and material of parts can be tumbled.

- Overhead Rail Shot Blasting Machine: These shot blasting machines clean parts by hanging them on the hooks, either individually or in bundles,  and exposing them to the action of the türbin.

- Shot Blasting Machine with Roller or Trolley Conveyor: These shot blasting machines transport the parts through chain activated rolleys or trolleys. They are mainly used for shotblasting parts of big and great lengh volume.  İn the machine can be cleaned parts like  plate and profiles.

- Horizontal Load Belt Continuous Shot Blasting Machine: When is needed shot blast all the surface of the parts you may use wire mesh type machine. The machine has the advantage of continous shot balsting and clean all the part. İf it needed may be added variable number of turbines. The wire mesh is manufactured in highly wear-resistant steel. Also manfucatured with rubber belt.

-Special Shot Blasting Machines: Our design capabilities allow us to provide a solution to any türbin and boxes and make machine on your requests

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