Hardness gauge can be measured by suppressing  the  material know amount of load is applied with a load of another material. Materials cope plastic deformation resistance is associated with yield strength, such as the relative hardness can be determined by applying a force.

As the process of compression test tensile test is completely opposite. Compression test is carried out in the tensile testing machine. Grey cast iron, bed compression strength of materials such as alloys, is much higher than the tensile strength, compressive force, the implementation of such materials are used and where they were examined by compression test.


Continuously during the test pressing of the sample cross-section is increased, the tensile test seen in the «neck» formation there is no problem.

  • Particularly crisp and semi-brittle materials compression test is very useful in measuring the ductility, tensile test ductility of such materials can not be measured with precision. This shrinkage of the values ​​in the% elongation and% reduction in area is almost zero.

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