The most important feature is using of non-bentonite and non-resin binders.  In the system binder is vacuum. Fine-grained sand is using as form material. According bentonite and resin mold system is lower but surface quality is cleaner and better.

Requests regarding this issue after technical assessment, will imported to our partner companies in China through local or IDEAL ENGINEERING CO group company established in China.


Vacuum molding method:

On the model surface is coated a plastic film applied by vacuum.  To sand placed into special produce flask, applying slight vibrating, under influence of vacuum compression to flask form new mold. Flasks upper surface is cover a plastic film. After when vacuum is applying flask is put away. By this way we have two flask, during vacuum applying begin pouring application.

Systems advantage:

  • Easy dissolution of sand
  • Application without mechanical process
  • Dimensional accuracy
  • Grained sand and plastic film on the flask make poring parts surface clean
  • Materials fluent because of mold cavity
  • Diffusion of gases
  • Low gas defects during pouring

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